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About Aupark

Aupark is located in the centre of Košice, in close proximity to the pedestrian zone known for its historical monuments.

Open area, south of the historic city center, today known as Námestie Osloboditeľov, served till 19th century as a plaza that used to complete the local color of Košice and was synonym to enjoyable shopping. This place used to have besides economic also a communication purpose. It was right here, where the people were getting to know each other and the news was spread. To the history of this place, where our ancestors had been meeting long before, relates the present-day shopping and entertainment center Aupark.

Aupark Košice is gradually becoming cultural and social centre of the city boulevard. Its perfect location in the city centre offers several reasons for the meetings. Transport connection and proximity to the pedestrian zone makes Aupark a convenient shopping centre to those who want to enjoy their shopping without the stress. Aupark Košice has over 140 stores on three floors offering a modern envirnonment where you can combine business with pleasure.

Citadel, which remains can be found in Aupark, also reminds the history of this extraordinary place. It is open to the public at several places: in front of Aupark and also in its underground car park "in situ", in the exact depth and location in which it was discovered during the excavation works. Permanent exhibition of the contemporary findings such as cannonballs and ceramics can be found at the information desk in Aupark, where you can watch a video presentation with information about the citadel.


Opening hours

  • Mo-Su: 09.00 - 21.00
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  • Mo-Su: NONSTOP
101 Drogerie
  • Mo-Su: 07.00 - 21.00


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Aupark Košice
Námestie Osloboditeľov 1
040 01 Košice
+421- 55 - 321 34 11


Director Ľubica Bobáková
Deputy center manager Andrea Drengubiaková
Secretary Gabriela Kollárová
+421-55 -321 34 20
Technical support Henrieta Matusáková
Marketing manager and PR Petra Juhásová
+421-55- 321 34 23
Short-term rent Gabriela Kollárová